It’s Been Anything But Lazy

Trying to settle in to LA is like the perfect stretch, you gotta put in a little work and get a little uncomfortable. But how will I know when I’ve begun to BE an LA citizen? Who knows… Guess I just have to try and experience everything West Coast life has to offer.

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Journey Update

Hey everyone, thought I’d log my journey with a little travel music and multiple bathroom stops. Didn’t realize how exhausting driving actually is, because I was completely worn by the time I showed up at Kyle’s for the weekend in CO.

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Car Trouble?!?!

I guess that a bit of Car Trouble couldn’t be avoided before a big road trip. As if there weren’t enough stressors involved in moving, now I gotta worry about this. Luckily, mechanics run in my family. Unluckily, I am NOT one of them. Just had to ask for a little bit of help.

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Moving Forward

I have just spent 15 minutes online, looking through quotes about family, moving, and traveling, all to find something that expresses my feelings towards venturing away from home. Something to go along with my new favorite picture of Poppi and Willow, because I know how much I will miss them. Then I had a realization. That’s the wrong way to approach this. My life, up until this point has been dominated by consumption. I have created some media, but for the past 23 years I’ve functioned as a consumer. It’s challenging not to be a consumer in this social media age.

However, those people are not me. J.R.R. Tolkien is a genius in many things, but he has never occupied my mind.  Neil Armstrong broke his bonds with earth, but doesn’t know the bonds I share with my own family. Facebook knows me only as well as I do. This move is an opportunity, not just to explore more of the country, but to explore more of myself. To find my unique self.

Then what do I think of moving away? I’m afraid of being so far from all of the people that I have shared my journey with so far. Afraid of losing my family, afraid of failing and not knowing where to turn. When I think of everything that I will miss by being 2,500 miles away, I’m overcome with loss. But my memories with my wonderfully supportive family will not be lessened by distance. I can never forget where I came from. I love each of them, and that cannot be reversed by the mile. Each inch westward I will push to make them proud.  I want to show my Poppi, Mimi, Dad, Mom, Sisters, my whole family what it is that I can do. What it is that I love.  But, first, I have to find out what I can do.

Each new major life choice is not only accompanied by repercussions, but by untold opportunity for wonderful adventures. Every unexplored road houses unfamiliar experiences. This is immeasurably exciting to me. The freedom to explore and mold myself in a way that I have never been capable. So I fling myself into the abyss of unknowing. Here I come, future. Watch out.

Thank you.

So, I’m of the opinion that life isn’t only about the good feelings, but that it’s experienced fully through the culmination of all the emotions. With that in mind, this bitter-sweet vlog is a step towards expressing the immense gratitude that I feel for so many people in my life. I love you guys.

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This Just In…

I know something you don’t know, la lala lala la… Aren’t you just aching to find out? Oh, not really… I mean, sure you are! But, I’ll let you in on my little secret, because what good is a secret if you can’t share it?

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Back to Talking About Nothing!

So, I’ve tried vlogging before, but it’s always taken a backseat to school and other commitments… Plus, I kept wimping out. With that in mind, I’ve committed to bringing weekly content updates into my life. This will let me practice on projects that offer me creative freedom over form and content, and also allows me to keep all my family & friends up to date on my life, no matter where we go. Every Sunday, you can expect to see a new episode of Andrew Haze Talks About Nothing featuring whatever I feel like doing that week! This includes random news that I may find interesting from the week before, fun short films and skits, as well as my vlog. Plus, this lets me stay better connected with any viewers!

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