Terrible titling aside, I made a thing [and will continue to make some things] that I’m pretty proud of. Plus, I’m hoping to show a certain community that I have what it takes to join their ranks. So, if you don’t want me to be totally homeless and eating catfood out of a tin-can under the I405, maybe share this around and watch it a billion times? I tried to make it as easy on you as possible, don’t you know?

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Sony E3 2016 Review – SPWNpnt Gaming News

Catch up on Sony’s E3 2016 conference announcements from Monday, June 13th, while I play a little bit of Overwatch. What’s not to love? Or atleast watch. Plus, feel free to comment, share, or check me out on twitch/FB!


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WIN A FREE GAME: SPWNpnt Gaming News Ep. 2 !!!

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