Terrible titling aside, I made a thing [and will continue to make some things] that I’m pretty proud of. Plus, I’m hoping to show a certain community that I have what it takes to join their ranks. So, if you don’t want me to be totally homeless and eating catfood out of a tin-can under the I405, maybe share this around and watch it a billion times? I tried to make it as easy on you as possible, don’t you know?

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Sony E3 2016 Review – SPWNpnt Gaming News

Catch up on Sony’s E3 2016 conference announcements from Monday, June 13th, while I play a little bit of Overwatch. What’s not to love? Or atleast watch. Plus, feel free to comment, share, or check me out on twitch/FB!


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LA Recap – New “Talks About Nothing”

So, I know it’s not fancy, but if you want to catch up on my Los Angeles shenanigans, give it a quick glance! It’s all about me, hustling, and some party details, like that I got to party with the awesome people at UCLA and Dylan & Cole Sprouse last night. haha

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WIN A FREE GAME: SPWNpnt Gaming News Ep. 2 !!!

Want to win a free video game?

Episode 2 of my new gaming news segment is up now, so give it a watch, then leave a comment linking to your favorite gaming gif/webm video! My favorite submission will WIN A FREE GAME on Steam* AND will feature in next week’s episode! So make ’em great and be sure to tell all your friends and get them to submit too! The more the merrier!

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A Day Late, A Lot of Dollars Short

So, I know this looks like it’s a late post, but what really happened is that I released a rough draft last night and didn’t make a big fuss over it. I just wanted you guys to see it when I post it on my Facebook. Is that too much to ask?

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Big Reveal – AHTAN Super Special Edition


New Episode Up!

I know I totally flubbed up on Sunday, but I told you that I’d be back today. And “back” I am! Give the video a quick watch and please let me know what you think. I’m especially interested in what you think of my take on neoliberalism in the 1970’s U.S. political landscape. Haha just kidding. Could you imagine? Me talking about such an influential topic on a show called “Talking About Nothing”? HahahaHAHAha

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A Wonderfully Terrible Weekend for AHTAN

Hi everybody,
So this past week has been super awesome. I’ve been working as a Best Boy /Dolly Grip on a TV series pilot out @ UCLA, as well as Dollying for an incredibly interesting documentary looking into women in the field of cinematography. I’ve also got 4 or 5 more gigs locked down in the next couple of weeks. On top of all of that, I was working on something extra special for this week’s episode of AHTAN, however Premiere Pro decided to corrupt that entire project at 2:30 am last night. Therefore, I chose to postpone that release until WEDNESDAY, MAY 25th, in addition to next week’s regular Sunday release. So look out for that to drop, because I’m gonna be changing up the game!

In the meantime, watch this week’s video (https://youtu.be/-FuU5Au0AT8) and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday! Thanks!

It’s Been Anything But Lazy

Trying to settle in to LA is like the perfect stretch, you gotta put in a little work and get a little uncomfortable. But how will I know when I’ve begun to BE an LA citizen? Who knows… Guess I just have to try and experience everything West Coast life has to offer.

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Journey Update

Hey everyone, thought I’d log my journey with a little travel music and multiple bathroom stops. Didn’t realize how exhausting driving actually is, because I was completely worn by the time I showed up at Kyle’s for the weekend in CO.

Only 16 hours left to drive, so help me out by watching this week’s “Talks About Nothing” HERE (https://youtu.be/SMF0GNMLrXw) and SUBSCRIBING to my channel!

Car Trouble?!?!

I guess that a bit of Car Trouble couldn’t be avoided before a big road trip. As if there weren’t enough stressors involved in moving, now I gotta worry about this. Luckily, mechanics run in my family. Unluckily, I am NOT one of them. Just had to ask for a little bit of help.

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